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          Production system
          Our Company has international first-class production facilities and rich production capabilities. The company has workshops and auxiliary facilities including ten production workshops, self-generation power plants,  large wastewater treatment system, power workshop and six modernized large-scale warehouse. The main equipments for production and control a re imported from developed country such as United States and the European Union, all the equipments are with high automation level and advanced craft.
          The total fermentation tonnage of our company has reached more than 25000 tons at present. The main products include Abamectin, Tylosin Tartrate/Phosphate, Chlortetracycline Premix, Bacitracin zinc premix,Colistin sulfate premix, Enramycin premix. The production scale of abamectin ranks first in the world,.All products adopt the automatic control system to control the fermentation parameters.
          Our company always insist on high quality and efficient concept for product research, and production. The company set up GMP quality management and control system relying on the group company’s high level of quality certification and monitoring system, which is in line with international standards. Our company execute in-house standard higher than the national standard, continually precisely control manufacture process, strictly implement quality management. Everybody and the whole process carry out GMP specification in order to form the high product quality from the production process. The aim and pursuit we have been seeking for is providing customers with high quality products and service.
          Our Company adopts domestic advanced processing equipment in the industry in terms of environmental protection, Our company has invest more than 200 million RMB only for purchasing sewage treatment facilities since the factory built up five years ago. Due to strong social sense of responsibility, our company become the domestic role-models and leader of the industry in terms of environmental protection.
          Our company has repeatedly received high praise from leaders at all levels, and have made outstanding contributions in model city activity of Hohhot.