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          Company Profile  
            Qilu Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) Co., Ltd, established in 2009, is a large-scale antibiotics manufacturing enterprise in China. The company is located in hohhot which is the birthplace of Mongol-Yuan culture.the company is the core enterprise in jinchuan industrial park in Hohhot economic and technological development zone which is the national technology innovation base of biological.covering around 600 hectares. It owns fixed assets amounted to 2 billion RMB and about 1600 employees, among which over 800 have college or above educational background. The company focuses on manufacturing antibiotics and the capacity of the leading product Avermectin is the top in the world.
              The company has built world-class manufacturing facilities and huge capacity, including 10 workshops, power plants, waste water treatment facility, comprehensive warehouse and utilities, totally covering 200 thousands square meters. All key manufacturing equipment are imported from major professional vendors in developed countries to provide a high degree of automation. The company’s total fermentation tonnage has reached 18000 tons. The total fermentation tonnage reachs up to 24000 ton.The major products are avermectine、tylosin phosphate、tylosin tartrat、pabclum chlorotetracycline、salinomycin premix and bacitracin zinc etc..Annual sales revenue reachs ¥1.6 billion,with annual tax of 400 million yuan.
              The company has a comprehensive domestic sales network and post-sale service system to make sure that the high quality products can reach all customers throughout the country. Excellent product quality has not only helped to earn wide recognition and market share in domestic market, it is also a critical advantage to join international regulatory market. 
              All along adhering to the idea of developing and manufacturing high-quality and efficient products, the company has established an integrated and stringent quality control and quality assurance system to implement strict quality standard. To provide high quality products and services to our customers is our persistent pursuit and target.
              The company consistently follows the principle “Make appointments on both ability and merit” to implement a scientific intelligence development strategy. Meanwhile we have attached great importance to introduce high-level intelligence. Now, more than 40% of the staff have bachelor or above degree. High quality intelligence has become a powerful guarantee for enterprise rapid development. 
          Adhering to Qilu’s corporate culture “Prosperous country and company make our happy families.”, Qilu Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) is making best of its advantage to develop and build a world grand antibiotics manufactory.