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          development system

          1.Organize introduction 
          Our company research and development center(R&D center) was established in December 2009. Our company leader have attached great importance to product development and technological progress. Specially person have been assigned to set up the R&D center since the company was founded at the beginning. Our company has invested almost 16 million RMB for fixed assets of the R&D center. The center has several R&D laboratories. R&D building cost 50 million is in built, it may be come into use in October, 2014. After the completion of the building, domestic first-class research and development laboratory will be built equipped with advanced equipment/instrument and matched quality management system.
          Our Company will progressively increase research and development funds at the ratio of not less than 3% sales revenue each year, in order to guarantee funds for the scientific and technological personnel activity, equipment purchasing, training high quality, high technology, high level of scientific research personnel, adding scientific instruments/equipment, and hiring various experts, scholars and professors of technology, information, industry management, who can provide guidance and technical consultation for introduction of high-tech products for our company.

          2. The advantage of technology research and development
          In recent years, research and development center has introduced a large number of high-level technical professionals .At the same time, actively develop technical exchanges and cooperation with relevant Universities. While establishing our own research team, our company has establish scientific research and production association with research development institution such as East China University of Science and Technology, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University. Our Company has invested heavily to introduce the research and development personnel and equipment, and established a long-term effective cooperation with the East China University of Science and Technology in multi-scale fermentation technology research field. At present our company has made outstanding achievements in this field, which has provided powerful support of theory and experiment results so as to improve our fermentation production level.

          The Research and development center(R&D center) bear the company's research and development work for new product, and technical progress for existing product since its establishment. The level of abamectin has increased by more than 30% on the basis of original level since 2011, which had brought huge economic benefits and social benefits for our company. The center bear the "High potency tylosin fermentation project” in 2011 and get 1 million RMB fund for science and technology by Hohhot Science and Technology Bureau. After the completion of the project, the product yield increased by more than 10%, which brought huge profits for our company. At the same time, the center also made great progress in Colistin Sulfate premix and Bacitracin Zinc premix during the research and development process. In addition, our company was regarded as autonomous region level research and development technology center in 2013.