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          Only Country and factory exist, can we have happy home.
          “Ourself” culture,represent the Qilu people’s undertaking of responsibility, commitment for love, and never-ending pursuit for human health
          Qilu is home, where there are brothers and sisters from all corners of the country
          Country is home, committed to serve the country through the industry. Only Country and factory exist, can we have happy home.
          Home is worldwide, care for human health, common blessing for all mankind does not distinguish race and territory
          Absolute sincerity to great medicine, concern for the country and the people
          Enterprise mission: Make the best medicine in order to express our love
          Corporate vision: Walk on the way of great love, lead the drug enterprise, construct hundred inheritance.
          Corporate policy: Take reforming as the motive force, take the market as its leader
          Take talented person at first , develop with science Take talented person at first, take technologies as development
          Pursue subsistence on quality, manage for efficiency
          Enterprise spirit: Struggle, to be doers, innovate, dedicate

          Enterprise objective: Build the most powerful pharmaceutical enterprise in China, to be one of the strongest worldwide pharmaceutical company.